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Coreyanne Armstrong grew up on other instruments, playing the classical piano and flute since ages 4 and 10, respectively. After time spent in the military, Coreyanne took up the bagpipes and has performed for eighteen years. She was the resident bagpiper with Hawaii's premier Celtic band, the Doolin Rakes, and a guest artist with several other Celtic bands on the Highland Pipes, Walsh Shuttle Pipes, and Irish whistle. Coreyanne has travelled extensively with the military, allowing her to be a member of bands in Monterey, CA, Hawaii, the United Kingdom, and Charleston, SC. She was most recently with the Rhode Island Highlanders and was honored to perform with them on stage with The Piano Guys in Providence.   Currently she is a Grade 2 piper in the EUSPBA and helps to lead the Talcott Mountain Highlanders in CT.  She was the resident piper most weekends for King Richard's Faire in Carver, MA, each fall 2019-2023 and will fill this role at the NJ Ren Faire as well.  She is the newest member of Celtic Powerhouse "The Rogues" which can be seen every year at the VA and MD Renaissance Festivals as well as Scottish Festivals across the country.  On January 1, 2024, she marched with Pipes on Parade in the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, CA. Each March she can be found all over New England, accompanied by tracks or bands in pubs, playing for Irish or Highland dancers, or atop a Guinness double-decker bus in NYC or Boston.

Matthew Phelps has been performing the highland bagpipe since the age of eight, beginning in his local band, Trumbull and District, and also plays Scottish smallpipes. Over the years Matthew has played with the Halifax Police in Canada, the Worcester Kilties and Stuart Highlanders of Massachusetts, and the City of Whitehorse Pipe Band in Australia.  Phelps has performed at hundreds of events throughout New England as well as in Scotland, Ireland, Australia, Switzerland, Canada, Panama, and Italy. 2016 saw Phelps winning his first World Pipe Band Championship in his capacity as Pipe Sergeant of the Worcester Kiltie Pipe Band. Phelps performs and teaches bagpipes full time now in Halifax, NS, traveling regularly to MA, NH, VT, ME, and CT. Phelps has instructed the Scots Highland Pipes and Drums of Leominster, MA, The Rhode Island Highlanders, the Manchester Regional Fire and Police Band, the Pyramid Shriners Band in Stratford, CT, and The Commonwealth Pipes and Drums of Boston,  as well as numerous private students. Matthew Phelps is an Open or Professional member of the Eastern United States Pipe Band Association.  He recently married into the MacIsaac family of Nova Scotia but returns each March and some summer months for events in the US.

Coreyanne Armstrong bagpiper
Coreyanne Armstrong bagpiper



Piping the Bride and Groom to Fraunces Tavern


pc: Shawn Marquis


Coreyanne Armstrong 


422 Main Street

Portland, CT 06480

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