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Portland and District pipers bagpipes Boston funeral wedding
Coreyanne Armstrong bagpiper Rhode Island State Police Highlanders

Weddings, funerals, sporting events,    celebrations, memorials, military       ceremonies, golf outings, graduations         


Throughout the year we are contracted for Robbie Burns Suppers,  theatrical and choice musical productions, and special corporate, holiday, and liturgical events such as St. Andrew's Day, St. Patrick's Day, birthdays,Christmas, Veterans' Day, New Year's Eve, and retirements.  P &D offers an extensive repertoire and high quality solo and ensemble playing.


In need of private or group instruction on the bagpipes? Coreyanne is a seasoned instructor with 18+ years of experience and a performance and competition background nationwide.  




Portland and District Pipers is the creation Coreyanne Armstrong and Matthew Phelps (currently living in Halifax, NS), two well-regarded pipers  performing throughout the northeast and based in Portland, CT. P&D also calls upon the talents of  pipers Jesse and Levon Ofgang,  Dr. James and Emily Feeney, JerryAnne Dickel, Mary Tierney, Brian May, Kyle Dawson, and PJ Shorrock, and  drummers Ryan Jones and Gabriel, Claire, and Leon Armstrong.


We had Corey as our contact and Piper.  She was so responsive and the price was extremely reasonable.  Corey was so flexible as we were getting married on Martha's Vineyard!!!! Her outfit was beautiful and her playing of the bagpipes was nothing [short of] phenomenal!!! Corey played outside the Edgartown Lighthouse, inside of it, and finally on top of the lighthouse.  It was just beautiful! Corey also took pics with all of us who wanted to have a photograph.  She also played us going in at the Black Dog Tavern.  We had such a great time, we invited her to stay for dinner and she obliged!! What a wonderful experience we had.  Thank you so much for your phenomenal playing of the bagpipes on our special day!!!

Rich and Jessica D.

I hired two pipers and a drummer for my wedding day.  Coreyanne was so professional, helpful, and organized.  This was a Covid wedding that was postponed and they were so lovely and patient as the date changed 1...2...3 times!   At the wedding they were impressive and beautiful and in the end I am so happy to have been lucky enough to [have them] play me down the aisle.  Thank you!!!!

Briana T.

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